Rekas offers several water treatment technologies, storage solutions of water, transfer solutions and pumping stations etc to ensure that the treated water meets quality standards suitable for potable uses. Here's a general overview of how a treatment plant works: 1. Collection: • Raw/ Greywater is collected from various sources in a municipal , borewell, building- bathroom sinks, showers, bathtubs, and washing machines. • The collected water is then directed to the treatment system. 2. Screening and Pre-Treatment: • Large particles and debris are removed through a screening process to protect pumps and other equipment from damage. • Pre-treatment may involve the removal of larger solids and the separation of oils and grease. 3. Primary Filtration: • Greywater undergoes primary filtration to remove smaller particles and suspended solids. • This stage helps improve the efficiency of subsequent treatment processes. 4. Biological Treatment: • In some systems, biological treatment occurs, where microorganisms break down organic matter present in the greywater. • This process helps reduce the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and improves water quality. 5. Secondary Filtration: • The water may undergo additional filtration to remove any remaining impurities, including finer particles and microorganisms. 6. Disinfection: • Depending on the intended reuse of the treated water, a disinfection step may be included to eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens. • Common disinfection methods include RO, UF, UV radiation, chlorination, or other chemical treatments. 7. Storage: • The treated greywater is stored in a dedicated tank or reservoir. • Storage allows for the accumulation of treated water for later use, providing a buffer for fluctuations in demand. 8. Distribution for Non-Potable Use / DRINKING WATER USE • Treated greywater is distributed for non-potable applications such as landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, or industrial processes. If required for drinking and reuse , we will select RO plant treatment on final stage. • Separate plumbing systems are used to ensure that treated greywater does not mix with the potable water supply. 9. Monitoring and Maintenance: We have service team to do all our services AMC and maintenance breakdowns in UAE and KSA

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