Water Membrane Degassification Oxygen Removal Plant

We offer most advanced and efficient Membrane based Degassing solution for all application’s. A new technology named Membrane degasification technology is based on the utilization of selective membranes permeable for dissolved gas matters but impermeable for water. The supply of more pressure to liquid flow in relation to gas flow creates a moving force for dissolved gas in liquid for pass-through membrane openings.

Also Water Degasification with Membrane Contactorsare now in the industry to provide degassing solutions from water for production of various beverages and filling stations. The dissolved gas is forced through themembrane pores and is carried away by the vacuum pump. Membrane Contactors are used fordegassing liquids around the world. They are widely used for O2 removal from water as well as CO2 removal from water.

  • High inlet pressure and low pressure drop reduces the need for repressurization pumps
  • Maximized surface area/volume results in high performance and space efficiency
  • No chemical requirements make membrane contactor degasifier systems environmentally friendly and reduce chemical exposure to employees
  • Fast equilibrium means quick start-ups