GRP Panel Tanks Supply & Installation In Saudi Arabia

Description We supply Fiberglass Reinforced Tanks (FRP) designed to your specs. Our FRP tanks are easy to carry. Specially that we are into waste water treatment, we are really very careful on the type of tanks that we are using all throughout the process as various chemicals are involve.   This FRP material full form plays a huge advantage over other available tanks in the market. We made sure that on each certain process, the tank performance won’t fail as it would cost much for our company if it will. Good thing, FRP tanks provided us the assurance that we expected.


This FRP tank manufacturing process is done by a modern automated winding filament technique in accordance with export standards.

FRP Material Full Form
FRP coating procedure is done meticulously that on its outer shell, it has a high-performance epoxy resin with polyethylene (PE) or ABS seamless one-piece liner. This FRP tanks comes in two layers of protection which is a perfect resistant against corrosion making it rustproof.

FRP water tank are classified into some types.

FRP Tank Sizes
With its shell made from continuous strands of fiber-glass with high strength epoxy resin, the tank has many sizes

FRP Tank Temperature Limit
This FRP tank has its operation temperature from 1 – 49 oC (34 oF – 120 oF).

FRP Tank Design Calculations
This FRP storage tanks has its specific design calculations to have a longer and durable performance. Details listed below:

Working pressure: 100 psi

Testing pressure: (a) ≤ 1.0 MPa (150 psi) (10.5 bar)

Bursting pressure: 300 psi

Maximum vacuum 127 mmHg (5″Hg)

Opening: 2.5″ NPSM, 4″ – 8″ UN, flange

FRP Tank Colors
Basically there are supposedly only three available color for FRP tanks, these are:


Natural color

However, to suit on some customer’s request, manufacturers of FRP tanks has been offering a custom-made design.


It resists corrosion
The tank has a high corrosion-resistant performance which resists to almost all chemicals we have been using today. Even in the industry of a friend that I knew, their FRP tank safely conveys all the various chemicals they have been using during the production.

It has rustproofing
The FRP tank shell is manufactured from strands of fiber-glass with high epoxy resin which provides a fine gloss on the tank’s outer coating that serves as a rust proof too.

It is lightweight
With Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic tank unique characteristic, it only weighs about 1/3 of the weight of stainless steel tanks. During installation, we did not find any trouble even on the transport from one location to another as it can be conveniently handled by just a few people compared to other tanks made by other materials.

It has an option for a custom design
Good thing for our company as the standard FRP tank size fits on. However for those who wants for a customized design flexible enough on the purpose, numerous manufacturer has been offering a custom-design FRP tanks to cater every customer’s desire.

High strength and durable
In terms of high pressure, this FRP storage tank can withstand more than those tank made of steel or other materials.

It is cost-effective
Aside from being low maintenance, it is as well, durable. This made Fiberglass tanks more effective than other tanks specially the steel tank.

So far, based on experience, the only disadvantage with FRP tanks are only when there is an extreme heat present either in the content of the tank or outside where it is settled in. Aside from that, no other downside we can think of against the product.

At first, we were thinking twice on getting a steel tank, considering the steel properties compared to steel. However, when we were introduced to FRP tank, we were convinced by simply looking initially on its design and materials used.

When we are already using it, we keenly observed on the disadvantages it can bring to our processes in the industry. Two years is quite enough time to show a review on a product that you have been personally using.

The longest life time compared with other material water tank.

The best tensile strength and yield strength material for industrial water tank.

The best heat resistance material in Africa for raining water project. especially the outside temperature is more than 40degree.

Very easy installation by screws with no leaking if use our sealing taps and glass cement.

With HDPE lining to make the cleaning more easy and convenient.


FRP tanks, specially if used in water treatment, then it can filter the suspended solids and any pungent odor. On the other hand, it can also be used to soften hard water in the process of reducing the concentration of calcium, magnesium, and come metal cations present.

Due to the notable advantages of this FRP tanks, it is already taking place the wide use of metal tanks in different fields. In either treatment or storage, this FRP tanks plays a big part not only for household purposes but also in commercial water.This tank is widely used in either industry and civil life while including on industries like:

  • Chemical industry
  • Light industry
  • Textile industry
  • Medicine
  • Biology
  • Food
  • Electroplating Waste
  • Waste water treatment


It arrives on the expected date of delivery. It’s actually fast and reliable.