Sewage Treatment Plant

In todays polluted environment , Water Treatment has become very important for survival of life. High level of contamination to nature , land and water is caused due to development and expansion of human innovations. We also have Carbon Steel fabricated containerized Sewage Treatment Plants.

Wastewater includes the liquid discharges from sewage likes human waste and other kitchen wastes. Industrial process such as manufacturing (chemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel, etc) and food processing (slaughterhouses, sugar mills, etc). This recycling of water is used to separate oil and water, separate emulsified oils, and provide our customer with a quality of water that can be reused for their processes. During the past decade, environmental concerns have escalated around the world. Governments are responding by applying regulations and pressure on various industries to reduce unproductive consumption of chemicals and discharge of hazardous Wastes. Our services includes all Pre Process-Process-Post Process cutting edge Technologies like Drinking Water solutions,Hard Water Softening,Iron content Seperation & Removal,Color & Odour control Treatment,Reverse Osmosis,UV Disinfection,Ozone,Ultra Filteration,Nano,Micro Filteration Solution,Salt Water Seperation,Ecoli Coliform Bacteria Removal systems etc

We offer different technologies of waste water treatment

Moving bed bio film reactor, Mmebrnae bio reactor MBR, Sff Diffused air floatation, Activated sludge model Activated sludge systems Adsorption/Bio-oxidation process Advanced oxidation process Aerated lagoon Aerobic granular reactor Aerobic granular sludge technology Aerobic granulation Aerobic treatment system Anaerobic clarigester Anaerobic digester types Anaerobic digestion Anaerobic filter Anaerobic lagoon Anammox API oil-water separator Belt filter Bioconversion of biomass to mixed alcohol fuels Biofilters Bioreactor Bioretention Biorotor Capacitive deionization Carbon filtering Cesspit Chemical addition wastewater treatment Clarifier Coarse bubble diffusers Composting toilet Constructed wetland Cross-flow filtration Dark fermentation Decentralized wastewater system Diffuser (sewage) Dissolved air flotation Dissolved gas flotation Desalination Distillation EcocyclET systems Electro-oxidation Electrocoagulation Electrodeionization Electrodialysis Electrolysis Enhanced biological phosphorus removal Expanded granular sludge bed digestion Extended aeration Facultative lagoon Fenton’s reagent Filtration Fine bubble diffusers Flocculation & sedimentation Flotation process Forward osmosis Froth flotation Hydrocyclone Imhoff tank Induced gas flotation Ion exchange Lamella clarifier (inclined plate clarifier) , Living machines Maceration (sewage) Media filter Membrane bioreactor Membrane distillation Membrane fouling Microbial fuel cell Microflotation Moving bed biofilm reactor Nanotechnology NERV (natural endogenous respiration vessel) Oil–water separator Organisms used in water purification Parallel plate oil–water separator Photobioreactor Reed bed Regenerative thermal oxidizer Retention basin Reverse osmosis Rotating biological contactor Sand filter Screen filter Sedimentation (water treatment) Septic tank Sequencing batch reactor Sewage treatment Skimmer (machine) Slow sand filter Stabilization pond Supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) Thermal hydrolysis Treatment pond Trickle-bed reactor Trickling filter Ultrafiltration Ultraviolet disinfection Upflow anaerobic sludge blanket digestion Urine-diverting dry toilet Vermifilter Vacuum evaporation Wet oxidation , Rotating Biological contactor RBC, etc.

Now we have bagged order for RBC Technology Sewage Treatment Plant for MOI- Ministry of Interior in Jizan and Najran KSA.

We provide our services through out the kingdom – Riyadh Jeddah Makkah Medina Dammam Jubail Neom Tabuk Qassim Buraidah Hail Khamis Mushait Al Hofuf Al Jouf Najran Jizan Yanbu.