Inoxpa Hygiene Pumps And CIP Systems

Inoxpa Founded in Banyoles, Spain, INOXPA is a renowned and long-standing business group specialized in the manufacture and trade of stainless steel components (pumps, agitators, blenders, valves, etc.), management of processes and services for different industries. Its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has allowed INOXPA to enter the global market without compromising its product quality or customer relations.

INOXPA has centres distributed all around the world, affording the company great flexibility. This helps to establish synergies which, in turn, balance the price-quality relationship and allow the group to enter into high-potential emerging markets. This coordination with other countries, in addition to providing more competitive prices, allows the Banyoles headquarters to dedicate more time and resources to innovation, a factor which differentiates INOXPA from its competitors.

INOXPA has branches in many countries and a network of more than one hundred distribution points around the world. In Saudi Arabia, INOXPA is partnering with Star Steel (REKAZ INTERNATIONAL) to represent as a sole agent of all INOXPA Products.